Google Chromebooks are on the rise

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Google Chromebooks and Chrome OS, it’s a platform developed by Google that offers a simple to use and affordable alternative to traditional computers.  The key to the usefulness of Chrome OS is that it offloads all of it’s apps on to the Internet, requiring less horse power under the hood.

Now that Highspeed Internet is readily available almost everywhere Chrome OS is an awesome solution for students, kids, or even a an additional PC to surf the web.  They’re low budget because they simply don’t require the resources of other PCs, but don’t let that fool you.  These devices are known to boot faster and run smoother than your traditional PC, and all at a better price point?

What’s really got Google Chromebooks moving forward is Education.  More and more schools are investing into Chromebooks, not just because they’re a more cost effective choice but the Chrome OS eco-system allows for better student device management, file sharing, and over all collaboration.  Since kids are now more prone to using Chromebooks at school it’s an even better choice for it to be their full-time PC at home.

But now Google has even up’d the ante a little more.  It’s been recently announced that a million Android Apps are going to be available soon to Chrome OS.  With the marriage between Android and Chrome OS, I think we’re in for a ride of seeing the real revolution of utilizing the Internet for powering our computers instead of our computers powering the Internet.

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