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  • Fosiva is no longer taking new subscribers

Experience Fosiva Gigabit Internet


Connect with friends and family all over the world like never before with social media, video chat, e-mail and so much more.


Stream your favorite movies, shows, live programming, sports, music and more.  You can even stream video in up to 4k Ultra Hi-Definition.


Immerse yourself with the speed you need for live interactive learning.  Stream live or on-demand lectures and access assignments and interactive learning exercises at the speed of light.

How fast is Fosiva really?


1080P HD Movie (8,000 Megabytes)

Fosiva - 1Gbps
(1 Minute 4 Seconds)
Cable - 105Mbps
(10 Minutes 9 Seconds)
DSL - 10Mbps
(1 Hours 46 Minutes 40 Seconds)

Fosiva Gigabit Fiber Internet brings speeds of up to 1000Mbps to the Home.

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Fosiva Gigabit Neighborhoods (Fiberhoods)

Fosiva Gigabit Fiber - Up to 1000Mbps

$69.99 per Month
  • Delivered via Fiber
  • Low Latency (Game like never before)
  • Unlimited (No Data Cap!)
  • Ultra HD - 4K Streaming Ready

Get the Fastest Internet

Fosiva Gigabit Fiber is Internet like never before.  With speeds up to 1000Mbps straight to your home and no data caps.

Stream the Latest TV Shows

Cut the cord and watch all of your favorite shows live or on-demand with services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and more.  And with Fosiva Gigabit you can enjoy shows in Ultra HD 4K.

Enjoy Unlimited Digital Voice

Make crystal clear phone calls and save money with VoIP.  When combining providers like Cyber Services or Vonage with Fosiva you can expect the best in call

Are you ready for better Internet?

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