Gigabit fiber Internet for your Small Business

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  • Fosiva is no longer taking new subscribers

Experience Fosiva Gigabit Internet

What you need, faster

With reliable Fosiva Gigabit Internet you can be more efficient, collaborate with your team better, and enjoy immediate access to the cloud.

Communicate better

Connect with your team or clients with HD video conferencing, crystal clear VoIP calls, or collaborative tools such as Google Drive.  Stay connected and communication better.

Enough Internet for all

Have the bandwidth you need to connect all of your teams devices.  Today you need your team connected with their tablets, phones, computers, smart devices, and more.

How fast is Fosiva really?


1080P HD Movie (8,000 Megabytes)

Fosiva - 1Gbps
(1 Minute 4 Seconds)
Cable - 105Mbps
(10 Minutes 9 Seconds)
DSL - 10Mbps
(1 Hours 46 Minutes 40 Seconds)

Fosiva Gigabit Fiber Internet brings speeds of up to 1000Mbps to your Small Business.

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Fosiva Gigabit Neighborhoods (Fiberhoods)

Fosiva Gigabit Fiber - Up to 1000Mbps

$69.99 per Month
  • Delivered via Fiber
  • Low Latency (Game like never before)
  • Unlimited (No Data Cap!)
  • Ultra HD - 4K Streaming Ready

Get the Fastest Internet

With Fosiva Gigabit Internet you can have better access to the tools you need for you and your team to be at it's best.  Access the cloud and collaborate faster and more reliably.  It's time to have Internet access that makes your business run smoother and more efficient.

Simply Better VoIP

Your phone is such an important part of your business, and now days you need the features and flexibility that only VoIP can provide.  With Fosiva's Fiber low latency network you can expect your VoIP to provide the HD quality and reliability you need.

Are you ready for better Internet?

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