Fosiva Internet Support

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

1. Remove power

Remove power from your Fosiva supplied Fiber Switch/Modem and also from your router (the WiFi thingy).  There's no need to remove any other cables.  Do NOT press any reset buttons.  Fight the desire to press the button.

2. Re-connect power

Wait 30 seconds and re-apply power to your Fosiva supplied Fiber switch/modem.  Wait another 30 seconds and re-apply power to your router (the WiFi thingy).  Be patient, and connect the Fosiva Fiber Switch first.

3. Check for Internet

After a couple of minutes for your equipment to re-connect, now check to see if you have Internet again.  In most situations a simple power cycle of the equipment will get your back online.

Fosiva Internet brings speeds of up to 1000Mbps to your Home or Small Business.

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