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What is Gigabit?

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Fosiva Gigabit Internet brings speeds of up to 1000Mbps to your Home or Small Business.

What is Gigabit Internet?

So many terms with bandwidth, gigabit, broadband, etc...  What is all of this stuff and why do I need it?

Great question!

What's Megabit Internet?

Most data is sized in MB, or Megabytes.  So, if you want to download an average 90 minutes 1080P movie you're looking at roughly 8000MB.  Yeah, that's a lot of MB!  Now, most Internet service providers like Comcast or AT&T sell their services based on Mb, or Megabits.  They'll sell you speeds based on this, such as Comcast's premium class Internet at 105Mbps (Megabit per second).

Here's the thing though, if you look closely you'll see references to both MB/Megabytes and Mb/Megabits.  File sizes are usually specified in Megabytes and Internet service providers are specified in Megabits.  The difference is a Megabyte is 8X the size of a Megabit (there is 8 bits in 1 byte).  It's not that anyone is really tricking you, but it's just the way that the measurements work.

So, now using rough math of 100Mbps and download 1000MB file, it doesn't download in 10 seconds, but 80 seconds.

Gigabit vs. Megabit

Simply said, 1000Mb is 1Gb.  So, when we say Gigabit Internet we're talking 1000X the speed of 1Mb.  Yeah....1000X a Megabit!  So, now if you took that same 1000MB (Megabytes) file as we used as an example above it'd take 8 seconds to download at 1000Mbps (Megabits per second).

Again, 1GB (Gigabyte) is 8Gb (Gigabits), but it's still in comparison 1Gb is 1000X the size/speed of 1Mb.  Think about if you had a car that did 80 miles an hour....now replace that with a rocket ship that does 800 miles an hour.

Yep...we are the rocket ship of Internet...

What can Gigabit do for me?

Having fast Internet is more than just download at the speed of light.  It's preparing your home for what's to come.  As you're probably already noticing more and more devices you buy are connected to the Internet, and not just tablets and smart phones.  Devices like alarm systems, office phones, appliances such as your fridge even are now connecting to the Internet.  It's no longer your PC sitting in the kitchen, but your appliances, your TV, your kids computers, phones, and tablets.  An average house hold now has 10+ devices connected to the Internet.  If the Internet is the "information super highway" then getting Gigabit Internet from Fosiva is like traveling wide open lanes in a Formula 1 race care!

  • Multiple users and devices online, in harmony.  And by harmony...we mean children not complaining that a cat playing the piano is buffering.
  • Stream TV & Movies like never before.  No more buffering, even with multiple devices watching.  Plus, with Gigabit you're even ready to stream UHD 4K Programming.
  • Stay connected better with Video Conferencing and Social Media.  Experience live video on Skype, Facetime, or Hangouts without delay and disruption.
  • Be a gaming ninja with super fast speed and unbelievable latency.  Experience amazing pings and put stuttering game play in the past.
  • Download and Upload multiple files at the blink of an eye.  Get in, get out, get more done with Internet at the speed of light.
  • We don't have data caps.  Unlimited means unlimited....for once.


How does Fosiva Gigabit Internet compare?

How fast is Fosiva really?


1080P HD Movie (8,000 Megabytes)

Fosiva - 1Gbps
(1 Minute 4 Seconds)
Cable - 105Mbps
(10 Minutes 9 Seconds)
DSL - 10Mbps
(1 Hours 46 Minutes 40 Seconds)
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