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Uh oh for Yahoo: They knew of their security breach when it happened

At one time Yahoo! was a once thriving leader in the world of the web, but that time is gone.  Although I still love the brand, it’s on it’s way out.  Unfortunately to make things worse Yahoo! has been in the news a lot lately relating to a massive security breach in 2014 that they finally disclosed in 2016.  That’s a long time to have your data breached and not be aware of it.

Well, now Yahoo! is making headlines again about the same breach, but this time it’s reported that they were actually aware of it as it was happening.  To their defense, they’re claiming they didn’t know the extent of the damage at the time, but either way, they’re falling further down the rabbit hole and out of the public eye as a revolutionary platform that fell behind and can no longer be trusted.

“As Yahoo attempts to piece together how a hacker accessed 500 million user accounts back in 2014, the company has now admitted that some employees knew of a security breach when it happened. In a filing with the SEC, Yahoo said that while it only disclosed news of the attack in August, a “state-sponsored actor” had accessed its network two years ago but it didn’t quite know the extent of the damage at the time.” – Engadget

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