Playstation Vue increasing it’s reach

For those of you interested in cutting the cord and telling your cable company (insert inappropriate words here), then by now you’re aware of Playstation Vue…or very well should be.  Sony has come out with the most complete live & recorded TV solution for cable cutters called Playstation Vue.  As in

As in it’s name the service was focused on it’s large footprint of Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 users, but has been increasingly improved it’s model by being available on many addtional devices such as the Roku and FireTV set-top boxes.  Now Sony has just added another popular streaming box to it’s list, the Apple TV!  Why is this important?  Well, first off it shows Sony’s desire to improve the service availability and shows that Playstation Vue is a growing platform that they’re still in the forward stages with.  Secondly, it allows for those that are already Apple TV owners to no longer need to buy new hardware, as well as appeal to the group of people that are simply going to stick to the Apple TV whether Sony is there or not.

For more information check out Engadget’s article PlayStation Vue makes its Apple TV debut

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