Compare Internet Service Providers using Upload Speed

Here’s a great article from USA Today about comparing Internet Service Providers by Upload speed.  Most ISPs give you a much faster Download speed, but a really slow upload speed.  If you like to share photos, videos, or even do cloud backup this can really create a poor experience for you.  Although this article doesn’t specifically mention Fosiva, I’ll break the ice.  We’re a symmetrical bandwidth provider meaning we offer up to 1Gb of both Upload and Download.


“Q. Your last column [on choosing a high-speed Internet Service Provider] didn’t mention upload speeds—and the provider I’m looking at doesn’t list theirs. How long will my online backups take?  

A. For many Internet users, download speeds — how fast data travels from the Internet to your computer — are their primary concern. They upload files much less often and usually let that work complete in the background while they get back to reading Web pages, checking e-mail or whatever.

But if you’ll use an online backup system or synchronize photo and music libraries to a cloud service, you will notice and resent a slower upstream connection. Last week’s column about choosing between Comcast and Verizon didn’t mention that, and Comcast and many other large Internet providers often fail to present upload speeds anywhere too obvious to a potential customer.” – USA TODAY

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Source:  USA TODAY

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